Ann B. LaFarge

My mom died on May 27, 2016 after a long illness that she fought with unrelenting determination, surprising her doctors for almost three years with her fortitude and grit. A few months before she died a family friend, Sandy Brownell, went through hundreds of family photographs that were moldering in boxes and organized them in four large albums. In the last months of her life it gave our mom uncommon joy to be able to page through the past with visiting friends and family. All these old photos were a balm to her and to me as well: in the process of scanning almost 300 images I got the chance to re-engage with so many memories of happier days. My mother was always working: first as a New York City English teacher, then as a book editor, then as a writer and columnist. Her work ethic was an inspiration, and the photos here capture her in all her passions: books, manuscripts, animals, children, friends, the ocean, the piano, and the great outdoors. I’ve included a few remembrances from old friends as they got in touch with us all in the days following mom's death. If anyone wishes to add a comment, please email me here. To read Louisa’s beautiful eulogy to mom at St. Peter’s Church on July 23rd, click here.

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