Robbie Goldwitz’s mural on the terrace at 78th Street

Goldwitz_78th-St copy

From Rob Goldwitz

Whenever I heard my name "GOLD-witz!" roared with joy and pleasure, I knew Ann was near.  Her smile contagious, her energy limitless, her warmth and spirit radiant.  In junior high, I regularly made the trip across the Park after school (she was the guiding force in our 8th grade film opus, "What the Dickins" - a take-off of Tale of Two Cities) to her home on East 78th, where Ann welcomed me as a member of her family. When I was an art major at the High School of Music and Art, Ann encouraged my budding creativity.  The mural was approved by her enthusiastically, and all through the difficult process of getting the paint to remain on the brick wall, she never wavered, even when I was ready to give up.  Wow, I thought. Adults can really be as fun as this?  Ann's example of how accepting and positive a person could be was a foundation to who I am today. 

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