At work, as always

From Ann (and Annik’s) former colleague Becky Cabaza:

I will always, always have such fond remembrances of your mom--you may not remember me telling you this all those zillions of years ago at Crown (Crown!), but years ago she and I both had a weird sojourn at Zebra Books, possibly one of the most insane places to work in publishing at the time. It was as close to live television in the 1950s as I'll ever get, but minus the hilarity--just the seat-of-the-pants vibe and the loony people who ran the place. I was a fish out of water there--as was your mom--but she was the person I gravitated to who made me feel so welcome. And she even gave me motherly advice when I was on the brink of a critical relationship freakout and very far away from my own mom (when we shared a room at sales conference, with me waiting for a phone to ring--she was awfully patient!). I still remember going to some insane UJA dinner or something (at the Seagram Building--it's all flooding back!) when she and I were tossed the tickets at the 11th hour. I had nothing to wear to a black-tie function and remember feeling like a hick imposter, but I met her beforehand and she, of course, was put together beautifully enough for the both of us! She was just a generous and kind soul, and I will always think of her with nothing but a smile on my face. I'm sorry to hear that she is gone but I'm so happy you had such a strong relationship with her and that now, you've been able to give us a way to share our memories, too. Take care and thinking of you, Becky

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