With her oldest friend in the world, Dotty Dubin (left) and Nancy Kaye: three childhood pals

From Ellen Dubin, Dotty’s daughter

I was so sad to learn the news about Ann’s death.  What a lovely woman your mom was, and such a ever-present figure in my life - from my early childhood (I can still picture your townhouse on 78th Street) through my adult life (my parents never would have bought our current home in Millbrook if it weren’t for your mom being there already), there are few people I have known for so long. 

And truly, it was an honor to know her.  She was an incredibly warm and engaging woman – always interested in what my brothers and our families and I were all up to, and always sharing news of you guys with us – who was filled with grace and generosity of spirit.  When my younger son Sam, who will be a high school senior next year, was about 4 or 5, Ann let him be the handler for her dog in a Millbrook dog show.  We didn’t have a dog and Sam had never walked one before, so it didn’t surprise us when he was unable to stop the dog from turning around and walking in the wrong direction, nor when he was unable to get the dog to follow even one of the judge’s instructions.   Ann kept cheering him on, which was a huge help, because he kept with it and was elated when he got a 3rd Place ribbon (which was 100% due to the fact that the dog was so damn cute, even though Sam was happy to take the credit).  That ribbon still sits on the mantle in our living room in Millbrook, and still makes us all smile.

I am so grateful to my mom for having the good sense to become friends with Ann at such an early stage in her life, and for having the better sense to maintain that friendship for so many years.  I hope that the beautiful memories you all have of her will bring you lots of comfort for many years to come.

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