Shelley & Sarah Von Berg

From Shelley Von Berg, Niki’s old friend from Brown Ledge with her mom, Sarah. This photo was in one of the many boxes:  

Such good, good memories of Ann, starting way back in the ‘70s, with Ann discovering me standing forlornly with my suitcase on the corner of 5th and 78th, asking complete strangers, “Where does Niki live?” Fearless, smart and funny Ann; my memories of New York will always be colored by our evenings together sitting out on the patio, sipping sauvingnon blanc and testing out bawdy titles for her most recent bodice buster. Running up the stairs singing to Growl-Tiger; both of us tracking Abby’s journey from California in my little Honda as he stopped for every single flea market along the way. I wonder if Ann remembers the “lost parakeet,” story, a hilarious little lie conjured up by one of Ann’s more colorful boarders. Ann made me so happy; I loved living in the brownstone and galloping to the subway with her almost every morning. I loved commuting with her to the country house and feasting on roasted chicken at least once a week. She had a special way of making me feel as if I was the most important person in the world. Her generosity would fill the Hudson.

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