EP Dutton in the 1970s, a child’s- eye view

Visiting EP Dutton in the early 1970s as a pre-teen was one of my favorite activities. I drew this picture for my mom, a child’s-eye view of what happens in the office, typified by the depiction of “Sub Rites” (I was too young to be ironic but it works…) in the lower left corner. Some enlargements are below. The man with the pipe is the big boss, our “Uncle" Jack Macrae. He ran one helluva great company in the good old days of book publishing.

My mom during lunch, no doubt following a martini or two. 

The Subsidiary Rights department, or “Sub-Rites”

The man behind it all, the wonderful Jack Macrae

Taking a break under the desk. This was the early 1970s, after all….

Everyone of my vintage will remember that yes, book publishing in the good old days was like a line of dancing girls. 

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